From Victoria:

Northbound traffic will need to exit Right at the Cowichan Bay Road (next light after Fisher Rd.). The Valleyview mall is located here and has ISCU cash machine, Country Grocer (closest full grocery store to Cowichan Bay 8am-9pm), and Cobblecino's Café. Follow this road straight into Cowichan Bay.

Bottwood Lane leads to the Event Site, which is between the Dreamweaver B&B (very distinct triangular building with shake siding) and the Ocean Grand Resort.

Be sure to ride with a friend, as parking is a Cow Bay style affair; unless you can hang them there isn't enough room. At the other end of town Hecate Park may be able to take some vehicles.

There will be space at the Event Site for tents and some campers.

From Duncan and North:

Southbound traffic should turn Left at Koksilah Road (the light after Whippletree Junction just south of Duncan). Go straight to Cowichan Bay Road (STOP sign). Turn Left again and drive down the hill into the Bay. See above. This is the long way but it takes you into town at the south end close to the Event Site.

From the water:

As you head down toward village and the government wharf there is a beach area on the east side next to the hotel. This is the Event Site.

There will be a sign designating the VHF channel that the water taxi and site co-coordinator will be on if you need some information.

The hotel has graciously allowed us to use their dock as a dinghy and shuttle drop off point. Also, the government wharf will allow dinghies to tie up between the main finger and the wave break. Please check with the harbourmaster before leaving it there for an extended period.

Note: In the Google map, the regatta site appears to be in the water. Add the Satellite image to see the beach.

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