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The Cowichan Bay Sailing Association consists of just 17 members, 8 of which are active members.  To put on a regatta   the size of the Cowichan Bay Regatta, August 3rd - 5th, it takes a greater number of volunteers than just 8 persons.  The purpose of this form is to acquire the contact information of those that might like to assist on putting on this event.

The volunteer jobs vary from Race Committee to Kitchen Duties.  Some of these positions will require non sailing members as some of the work needs to be done while the regatta participants are out on the race courses. As with Kitchen duties Saturday and Race Committee all weekend.

If you are interested in assisting the CBSA and the Cowichan Bay Regatta as a volunteer just fill out this form and we will have the committee chairman or regatta chairman get in touch with you personally to determine the best task suited for you.

In Return for your assistance we offer Free BBQ Dinner Saturday Night and The annual Cow Bay Regatta T-shirt at cost.

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